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4 Feb
Fantastic Mr Fox
I liked the way Roald Dahl described the farmers. He made them sound so disgusting. I wonder what will happen when the diggers keep digging.
5 Feb
Hansel and Gretel
I Liked The informaiton, When His First Wife was Dead and he had remarrid a woman who was always in a bad temper.Nevertheless,he was happy because his first wife had given him two lovely children a good and brave son called Hansel a beautiful daughter called gretel.
13 Feb
Little Miss Mary and the big monster makeover
i like the way little Miss Mary was tired for shopping-all day on her feet She'd merrily hopping for boutique salon,one to the other,While asking for THIS and from THAT from her Mother..."I Want To Have This and i want to have that!
23 Feb
The Princess Knight
I Liked The Way No One Wold Dare Tell The King How To Do Anything-espacilly How To Raise His Little Girl!
23 Feb
Owl Moon 20th Anniversery
i Like The Information When It Was Late One Winter Night,long pass my bedtime,When Pa And I Went Owling.
23 Feb
Synonym of delight
glee pain trouble misery
5 April
It could Happen
I Like The Way when nobody waked up. and When Mr Blue woked up everything got |changed
5 April
Tiger Son
I Like the way when Tigress cub was born in a jungle he's mother and father all the times loved him and when he was 6 years old he went to a river lake with his parents.And he was swinging and he fall down and then when he go down in to the river he was still save.and he could breath to.
17 April
sleeping beauty was a so beautyful and kind she was so nice
23 April
round bird can' fly
I like the part when he could not fly he just wanted to play with his friends.and when his friends are flying he really wants to fly but there friends keep on laughing
kitty want's a box
everyday mrs kitty wants a box to hide in.because she likes hiding then no one will kill her because she had a friend called marry some people killed her.
23 April
grow your own Gargoyle
She had a tiny package in her hand.and she said to her mum that mummy what is this package she said it is a present for you.and her mummy said don't you remember your birthday aksed her mum today is not my birthday said the daughter.yes it is you are five years old now.and she was thinking but she could not think and she looked in the calender and then she said oh sorry mummy i could not remember my birthday.her mummy said Happy birthday and then they celerbrated her birthday then they lived happily ever after...bye bye cute Aliens.
25 April
Things That go bump in the nigh.t My Little pony
i like The part when twilight sparkle liked to read and study.Because she was the royal princess and Celestia of Equestria has charged Twilight Sparkle with learning something new:the meaning of friendship!She has a powerful gift for magical spells and uses it to lead her new friends through adventures in Ponyville.There's no problem Twilight Sparkle can't solve,especially with the help of other ponies,a little bit of magic and guidance from Princess Celestia.when princess Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship Spike was right by her side.
3 may

R a s p b e r r y s h e r b e t ! ! ! !!!!!!

I liked the first one because you could taste the raspberry and there was just enough fizzy and it tated yummy


the citric acid and baking soda
16 may
WALHT hook the reader

Once in a small town not far away.There lived an a unhappy goldfish.He was unhappy because he lived in a tiny goldfish bowl.He missed the big pound he came from and all his friends and relations.Nobody in the house EVER played with him at all!!!!!!!!!!
22 may
Tomorrow me and my sisters are going to the Airport.but my sisters never ever went to the Airport,so I told her what a Airport looks like,So a Airport is the place where there is planes and you can travel in a plane to any country,BUT some tickets can be Very VERY expensive
22 may
Yesterday my mum was sick so we had to take her to the hospital.
22 may
Chocalate is kind of a yummy deser.t
23 May
Yesterday me and my dad were deciding what are we going to get for my mum's birthday?but i got a brilliant Idea to buy her a Iphone.
23 May
when something is created from the machine.
23 May
ice cream
yesterday i went to the ice cream shop i tasted the ice cream it was so so yummy.
23 may
Yesterday me and my mum and dad went to a Adventures
23 may
Cousins house
Yesterday i went to my cousins house we played monopoly it was so so fun
6 months
yesterday my sister turned 6 months,she started to turn.