New bible
Once there was a man and a wamon and the mans name was Adam and the wamons name was Eve and they loved each other and there was many diffrent kinds of fruit trees but one fruit trees was bad if they ate it bad things would happen.
Katie and the magic broom stick.
Katie and her friends went to the witchs house and Daisy was nervous. And they arrived at the witchs house and the witch talked to Katie and Katie relised that she was old.but she was a very nice witch and these two girls was mean and two of the name was Grulla and Diamonde.But the witch didnt tell fairy Angora.
Katie and the ponies
Once there was princess Katie and her friends tere was fairy godmother and all the princesss went to the wishing room and wished for something.
The hurted man
Once a man was walking on a lonely street but then some big bad robbers came up and took his money and they hit the man with a hard stick and the bad robbers ran away with all his money and he couldn"t walk and he heard footsteps coming near at last he said help but the person didn't listen and then he heard a new sound at last he said help and that man helped.
Little red riding hood
Little red's riding hoods mum said go in the forest and give this to grandma and becareful when you go in the forest because there's a fox so Little red riding hood went in the forest and there was the fox and then she said help and her dad helped he was very brave.
Mount olives
Jesus was at Mount olives with his speical friends and some enimies came and took him to the preist and said kill him.
The sad day
Jesus had spikes on the crown and he was up on the cross and they nailed him and his mother was the most upset because he was on the cross so he said to John take care of my mother.
Paul and the blind
One day there was a bright sun in front of Paul and from the sky there was a voice calling and from the sky said Paul Paul why are you so cruel and Paul was ashamed of his self so he was blind.
The ark
I like this book beacause Noah obeyed God.
The big picnic
Jesus he took all his friends to the hill and he had more than 1000 friends and one of the friends said I'm hungry and then all of a sudden all the friends said the same thing and Jesus asked does anyone have food and all of them said no except a little boy he hod 5 bread rolls and 3 fishes and Jesus asked can we share these food with them and he gave Jesus a nod and Jesus was so happy and Jesus prayed to God and they ate and there was left overs and all the friends were full.
The big fish
God said to Jonah to go and tell the people of Nievieh to stop being cruel but he didn't want to do that so Jonah ran away and rode the boat then sunnldy a big wave was there so the people said say your prayer but Jonah said throw me in the sea but the people didn't want to but at the end they did and God sent a big fish and the fish gobbled him up and in three days hthe fish hiced up so that fish spat himand he told the Nieviah people stop being cruel and they stoped being cruel.
Once there was a strong man and his name was Samson and that was Gods strong man and the people from the sea they wanted to catch Samson but when they got him he broke the strings and one day Samson went for a walk and he heard a sound he thought that animal will hurt somebody so he went looking for the animal.
One dark night
Hannah wanted a baby so she went to the temple to pray Hannah said this God I want a baby and God answered her prayer then the next day she got a baby and as soon he was old enough he went to old eiely the preaist then one night someone called his name sameul so he went to old Eleily the preist he I didn't call you God wants you so God talked to him.
By down the river
One day John started to say make way make way and then the people said why because Jesus is coming so you need to get baptised so they made a long line to get baptised when John baptised all of them he said God has forgiven you for every bad thing you have done but then Jesus was coming and he said to John baptise me but John said you haven't done something bad but Jesus just said baptise me and John baptised Jesus.
Presents for chrismas
There was three wise men holding presents in their hand and they followed the star and then the star stopped at a palace so they went inside and the three wise men said we are here to see the new king then king Heroed said what there's a new king so he was so angry then king Heroed said go and see him and then tell me because I want to see the king.
The trick
Esau was a hunter and Jacob he stayed at home and cooked but Isac was getting old and he said now you need to take my place now but Rebbeca Esaus mum heard what they so Esau went hunting and Rebbeca was telling Jacob then Jacob was HORRIFIED then he said what am I going to do Rebbeca said don't worry I'll take care of that.
The cross
It was so sad Jesus died on the cross.