geronimo stilton christmas catastrophe
this book is funny because geronimo went sking,and crashed into a huge rock and broke every bone in his body including his tail bones and stayed at the hospital for a few weeks till he was ok.
fly and sp
this book is about a spider super hero and a big fly. the spider wants to eat the fly but every time he tries to his fans say I want your oughtagraph I want your oughtagraph and chase him so he can't get fly.
geronimo stilton the third adventure in the kingdom of fantasy
About the book geronimo stilton wants to take a bubble bath but he slips because of his soap on the ground and faints but when he gets his concious back he notices he is on the rainbow dragon to save blossom
Zac power test drive
In this book Zac test drives his older bothers vehicle and in this one his older brother made a good looking motorbike, Zac and his family are actully a spy team.

Frogs are small living things that are amphibians (animal without backbone)

Life cycle of a frog
A life cycle f a frog starts of wih the egg, they look like small jelly ball but with a black dot in it.
they are really close together like closer than goose bumps together.After the egg hatches it
turns into a tadpole, wich looks like a greenish brownish oval head with pretty much a tail with
a layer of thin webbed skin around it. Next it slowly grows its two back legs but stayes in the
same formation (still tadpole).Next it grows all four legs and sort of looks like frog but is smaller
and has a small tail, lastly it turns into a frog and now it can swim and jump on land, then that
Frog lifecycle.GIF
frog mates(sort of like geting married)and the female frog lays the eggs and the whole thing
happens again.

frogs mostly live in swamps, small lakes, ponds, hide under lives in hot places eg
India and Austrailia, they can not live in cold places like
A Frog
Frogs tounges are sticky at the and it is very long so it can catch insects plus it is at the
front.Frogs have very good eye sight, they can nearly look in all directions. There back
legs are very powerful.frogs have a lot of predators including fish, birds and reptiles

What a frog eats
A frog eats quite a few thigs like dragonflys, flys and insects etc (things like that). They
even eat insects under water