Hi my name is Ryan Khatri 15 Deember 2003 and which makes me a 8 year old boy and I am year 4.I live in Auckland New Zealand.

I have brown and blue glasses.My hair is black.My color of my eyes brown and my skin color is light brown.

I live with my 6 year old brother that likes to hit me and my wonderful mum and dad.

One of the things I love to do is play golf with my dad and my brother at the driving range.

My talent is to do lots of math.

I like to eat pizza,bread,noddles,burgers,ice-cream,coco pops and rasins.I also like to drink milkshakes,orange and mango juice.

I like to play Deal or no Deal,Friut Ninja,Temple run and math ninja.

My friends are Travis,John,Jacob and Andrew.

I really hope I enjoy my life