We have started to learn about PROBABILITY.

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How good are you at interpreting data? Have a go doing these activities.





Want to practice your subtraction at home? Get a copy of the grid here.

Use this Mathematics dictionary to explain what a mathematical word means.

Click on your group's button and find worksheets you can practice at home.

Use these cards to learn all the knowledge that is needed at each stage in mathematics. These are useful for mum and dad to look at, to help you to gain the knowledge that is needed to move you forward in maths. Can you do all the things that are listed in each stage?

If you were 2B or <2B, start here and make sure that you can do all these things.
If you can, move on to the next stage.

If you were 2B, well done. This is where you should start. Can you do all the knowledge things they ask you to do?

This page is for 2P and 2A. Work on gaining the knowledge asked on this sheet. Don't forget to check you can do the Stage 4 knowledge things too.

If you scored 3B, 3P or 3A, this is the spot for you. Check that all the other stages are completed so that you don't leave any gaps in your learning.

Practice your maths here.

Multiplication and Division
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Place Value
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Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 2.46.26 PM.png

Addition and Subtraction
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Learn to tell the time.
Use this site for telling the time.


Click here to learn about translations, rotations and symmetry.
(Look for this list and you will find the activities)
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